Welcome to HelloWorld!

HelloWorld is a research project of the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern under the supervision of Mr Professor Hendrik Speck, that is developed by students.


HelloWorld is an open source project that aims at the development of a protocol that allows users to build distributed and secure social networks in the internet. The difference to existing social network platforms, like MySpace or FaceBook, can be summarized in three main features.

Authentication: Instead of having to create an account for every platform, the user will be able to use an independent and free authentication system (probably OpenID).

Decentralization: HelloWorld will be able to exist without a central data base. The user will be able to decide on which server his data will be located or even distribute it to different servers.

Security: With respect to the human right of informational self-determination, all the data will be protected by most modern cryptography technologies.

HelloWorld will be the foundation for the first true social networks that deserve to be called social, because all the data will be controlled by the users and not by the providers of the network.

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